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The deep dive guide to logo formats

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between an AI and a PDF file is, or which one you should supply to your printer, this guide is for you. Exploring the file types, uses, colour variations, copyright and intellectual property issues and more, this is the ultimate guide to logo files.

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How to make your website GDPR compliant

GDPR was the topic on everybody’s to-do list in the lead up to the enforcement date of the 25th May 2018. Whilst the impact hasn’t been as great as some had predicted, it is still very much worth making sure your website is compliant. If nothing else, it’s good to care about your customer’s data.

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How to drive traffic to your business website

Do you have a fantastic website, but no visitors? Driving traffic to your website can seem complex, so we’ve built a deep dive guide to take you through all of the essential steps to see measurable and long-term growth, for free! See what we do for our clients, and take advantage of this easy to follow guide.

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