Two women.
No middlemen.

Kabo Creative is a two-woman studio that creates beautiful websites and eye-catching design.

Website design & development

Our web developer, Penni, builds WordPress websites that work.

That means they’re easy to use – for both you and your customers!

But it also means they work hard for your business. With her background in marketing, Penni specialises in creating websites that nail your brief and fulfill your marketing goals.

Brand identity & design

Our designer, Jo, is a design maven with a background in fine art.

That means she knows design is more than just making something pretty; it also needs to communicate well.

So whether you need an entire new brand or rebrand, or you have specific assets that need designing, Jo’s got you covered.

Our Work

Web Design | Development | Branding

Smartchoice International


Harvey Robinson

Web Development

Carters Steam Fair

Web Development

The Marketing Meetup

Web Design | Development | Branding

Reframe Capital

Web Design | Development | Branding

Prima Women’s Health

Happy clients

“Penni and Jo are wonders. Kind, attentive, smart - and just great people who do good work.

Penni has made a complex website easy to use for us. That's no small thing: her work has saved us many hours every week."

Joe Glover
Co-Founder, The Marketing Meetup

“Recently moved over to Kabo Creative and couldn’t be more pleased with the process. Really looking forward to working with Jo and Penni in the future for all our website needs. Super transparent, knowledgeable and responsive.”

Saskia Parks
Marketing Manager, Fluenta

“Awesome. These guys are the best. Caring, attentive, patient and bloody talented. Thank you so much.”

Michael Harvey
Sales & Lettings Director, Harvey Robinson

“Kabo Creative are everything that you want from a website and design agency. The dynamic duo are wonderful to work with. They are knowledgable, professional and our trusted partner. They assisted us with our rebranding and the process from start to finish was seamless.”

Karl Chatterjee
Co-Founder, WNTD

“Penni is a pleasure to work with, she built our website and from the initial engagement was professional, efficient and highly responsive, delivering a fantastic result on time and on budget. Penni is technical but has a fantastic ability to make it really clear what is being delivered.”

Darren Szukalski
Sales Director, 1823 Group

“Penni and Jo from Kabo Creative are absolute lifesavers! We were having some major issues with our website and they rose to the challenge exceeding our expectations. From our first meeting, it was clear that this team knew their stuff – I felt at ease immediately!

Thinking of working with Penni and Jo? Don’t wait, they’re the dream team! These two have a fantastic work ethic that’s sure to get you amazing results.”

Sarah Short
Company Secretary, face2faceHR

“We needed a brand new website that not only looked good but could also handle a fairly complicated customer journey and ecommerce set up. Right from the start Kabo were fantastic – they asked all the right questions about our customer and what the website needed to do, and they kept a focus on that throughout the project, helping us refine our ideas into a well laid out, conversion friendly website.”

Jodie Humphries
Marketing Consultant, Carters Steam Fair

About Kabo Creative

Helpful. Honest. Thoroughly brilliant 🙂

That’s Kabo Creative, AKA Jo and Penni Pickering. That’s right, we’re married. So we get to work together on fantastic website and design projects instead of arguing over how to load the dishwasher.

We founded Kabo Creative in 2017 after we realised our complementary skills would allow us to do what we love for a living.

Since then, working together (and the frank honesty that comes from being married!) has given us unique insights into each other’s profession. It’s made Penni a better developer. It’s made Jo a better designer. And it makes for a smooth working relationship that saves our clients time and money, and gets them better results too.

And, because there’s no middlemen in our two-woman team, we get to build long-lasting, friendly relationships with our customers.

Which we just love.

We can’t wait to hear from you

Whether you have some questions or you can’t wait to get started, get in touch so we can have a chat about what you need and how we can make that happen for you.