New website live for TG Plastering

New website design, including Google My Business, website copy & image editing.

The Customer

Tom runs TG Plastering, based in Kettering which offers plastering services to domestic and commercial customers across Northamptonshire and neighbouring counties. Like any small business owner, he is busy doing a great job for his customers, administrating the business, purchasing supplies and managing his employees.

TG Plastering has a great Facebook presence, and it is doing a nice job of generating new customers. The business gets many referrals from previous customers, and the company van has the branding plastered (excuse the pun) across the side helping more customers to find them.

Tom is growing his business and he knows that some of these referrals, or people who see his van, will want to look him up online. When they do, they might be put off by his lack of a website. Or worse, they might mistake his business for that of a competitor whose website appears when they search for him. Tom decided it was time for TG Plastering to have a website of its own.


I don’t have time to write it myself

We have established that Tom is a busy man. Tom does not have the time or inclination to learn about website hosting, mobile responsive web design or writing content that builds trust with his target market. Enter Kabo Creative.

With as little of Tom’s time as possible, Kabo researched the market, edited the images and wrote copy that converts. The site is designed to work just as beautifully on mobile as on a computer, to support the 45%+ of his website visitors that find the TG Plastering website this way. The new website loads in under 2 seconds, so nobody will get bored and wander off while waiting for the site to load.

The site is targeted to TG Plastering’s two target customer groups, with messaging that speak to their unique pain points. Google My Business has been set up to support the trend of ‘near me’ searches, e.g. ‘plasterers near me’.

With a brilliant Facebook presence already built up, the home page gives centre stage to customer reviews through a Facebook integration. Market research has been put to good use, with services and gallery pages that show off not only TG Plastering’s skilled work, but does it using the words his potential customers are most likely to search for.

Ready for your new website?

One happy customer

Within 24 hours TG Plastering had their first enquiry through their new website. For us, that’s enough to go to bed happy. But when Tom turned up with a bottle of fizz and a card on our doorstep, we knew we’d ticked all his boxes.


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